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Police Investigator I
Open Until Filled
This job description is taken from the Montpelier, Idaho, Police Department. A Investigator is responsible for follow-up investigations on criminal incidents, gathers evidence, identifies and applies laws to cases, interviews witnesses and victims; interrogates suspects and offenders; prepares paperwork for court presentation. This position will also act as a school resource officer (SRO) for the middle school and high school as well as supervise the victim advocate and crime scene technician.
Preference will be given to applicants with knowledge or experience in the following areas
Detective/ Investigations/ Crime Scene Investigation/military experience.
Montpelier, Idaho
Job Description
Police Investigator I


Essential Functions
Must Possess or be Able to Obtain Idaho POST Certification Within One Year of Hire
  1. Investigate criminal incidents with the goal of identifying, arresting and prosecuting the offender and recovering stolen property, where applicable;
  2. Interview witnesses and victims;
  3. Interrogate suspects and offenders;
  4. Prepare cases leading to successful prosecution, where applicable;
  5. File appropriate complaints for arrest warrants and attempts service of same;
  6. Compose supplemental and case reports;
  7. Pick-up prisoners and process warrant arrests from outside agencies;
  8. Maintain ability to function as a patrol officer;
  9. Participate in raids;
  10. Pursue suspects on foot or in vehicle;
  11. Conduct frisk and pat down of handcuffed suspects or prisoners.
Marginal Functions
  1. Act as a direct liaison with all law enforcement agencies for coordination and cooperation of the law enforcement effort;
  2. Ensure victim of court dates and disposition on cases;
  3. Maintain intelligence on criminal activity pertaining to specific team assignment;
  4. Forward information of possible crime patterns, suspects and their activities to other officers for use in apprehension and prevention;
  5. Perform related tasks as necessary.
  1. Work extended hours on short (or without) notice
  2. Change hours/days on short (or without) notice
  3. Exposure to all and extreme weather conditions
  4. Exposure to varying light conditions: natural and man-made
  5. Exposure to fire, smoke, chemical leaks/spills: in close proximity, as necessary to provide emergency services
  6. Exposure to personal danger, including but not limited to: armed and/or dangerous persons/animals, persons and/or articles having contagious/communicable diseases, hazards associated with emergency driving, vehicular surveillance, hazards associated with natural and man-made disasters.
  1. Effect arrests
  2. Maintain annual weapon qualification and maintain target practice skills, clean and inspect weapons
  3. Confront armed suspects
  4. Walk, sit, or stand for long periods of time
  5. Climb up and down flights of stairs, maneuver over obstacles
  6. Subdue resisting/attacking individuals
  7. Run fast for a short period of time to apprehend a suspect or provide emergency assistance
  8. Clean, maintain and make minor repairs (check fluid levels, etc.) to department vehicles and equipment
  9. Drive motor vehicles under emergency and non-emergency conditions
  10. Perform lifesaving procedures
  11. Lift 70 lbs. Occasionally lift and carry equipment and persons
  12. Provide assistance to citizens and coworkers in physical distress
  13. Force entry into buildings
  14. Able to board and fly in commercial/military aircraft (extradition).


Required education and experience
  1. Complete four (4) years experience in patrol
  2. Possess an Associate's Degree in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice, or equivalent experience and training.
  3. Proficiency in police reporting software and Microsoft Word
  4. Possess a valid driver's license
  5. Maintain CPR certification.
Minimum knowledge/ability
  1. Comprehensive understanding of the laws regarding the use of deadly force, search and seizure and arrest;
  2. Considerable knowledge of the Idaho Statutes and department, local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations;
  3. Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing;
  4. Proficiency writing reports, complaints, and warrants;
  5. Ability to communicate clearly, courteously and interview and interrogate effectively;
  6. Ability to drive a motor vehicle safely and efficiently.
  1. Motor Vehicles
  2. Computer
  3. Weapons and Restraining Devices
  4. Surveillance Equipment
  5. Telephone System
  6. Copy Machines
  7. Portable and Mobile Police Radios, CAD, MDT
  8. Computerized Suspect Composites
  9. Expandable Baton
  10. PC Computers, Printers
  11. Fax Machines
  12. Cellular Telephones/Pagers
  13. Portable Recording Devices
  14. Basic Tools and Equipment: first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, flashlights, OC spray, personal protective equipment
  15. Electronic Gas Pump
  16. Video Equipment


Send resume and City application to
Chief Russell Roper
Applications can be obtained by calling City Hall at 208-847-1324

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Chief Russ Roper
534 Washington Street
Montpelier, ID 83254
Work: 208-847-4237
Fax : 208-847-1346