‘Tis the season for enjoyment of our many great opportunities for winter recreation including riding snowmobiles. The MPD offers these reminders of the City ordinances governing operation of snowmobiles on streets and alleys.

  • Driver’s licenses are required in the possession of the operator of snowmobiles. Only one passenger is allowed.
  • The snowmobile is to be operated at no more than fifteen (15) miles per hour and on the extreme right hand side of the roadway and in single file. Yes, radar will read the speed of your sled.
  • Snowmobiles are not allowed on 4th Street, except when crossing at defined intersections. When any street is crossed it must be done in the most direct and straight route across. (Right side of the road)
  • Lights are required at all times and snowmobiles must stop at every intersection where two streets cross, regardless of the traffic control sign or even if there isn’t a sign.
  • Please stay off private property without permission and you can never ride on a sidewalk or walkway used for pedestrians. They cannot be operated on the Golf Course or Cemetery property.
  • You must not operate a snowmobile in Montpelier between ten (10) p.m. and six (6) a.m. No racing mufflers are allowed at any time.
  • Snowmobiles cannot pull, tow or push any other conveyance such as sleds, sleighs, toboggans, trailers, skids or skis while on the public streets.

The purpose of these ordinances is to keep everyone safe. MPD asks for your cooperation in keeping the Montpelier winter season a safe and enjoyable one by obeying these rules. Thank you