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March 2011 Montpelier Police Department Incident Reports.

March 2
  • Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at the bowling alley. A dispute between youngsters turned into a dispute between adults. The situation was resolved on the scene.
March 3
  • A juvenile was taken into custody in a case of a juvenile found to be in possession of a controlled substance, stolen property and tobacco. The case was sent to the county prosecutor for filing of a juvenile petition.
March 4
  • An officer assisted Fish and Game and the Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Department by stopping traffic while Fish and Game chased elk across the Ping Pong Road in Montpelier.
  • Police received information that a wanted person might be in Montpelier. The officer received a vehicle description and later located the vehicle being driven through Montpelier. The officer affected a traffic stop and determined the person driving was the wanted subject.
  • The officer arrested the person on the outstanding warrant and he was transported to jail.
March 5
  • Police were called to a residence where his power was shut off from the outside of the house and his water pipes had frozen and burst inside the house. The case is under investigation.
March 10
  • A person reported that a stray dog had jumped into a vehicle parked in Broulim’s parking lot and bit a 5-year old child. The dog was located and the dog owner was issued a citation for allowing a vicious dog at large.
  • A bank reported counterfeit money had been passed at a business in the county. The investigation was turned over to the sheriff’s office for investigation.
March 11
  • An officer was dispatched to a vehicle burglary. He talked to the victim who said he had seen and spoken to. The officer located the person who admitted to it. The person was arrested.
March 13
  • An officer was dispatched to the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital emergency room regarding a combative juvenile. He arrived and took a report of battery and made an arrest.
March 14
  • Officers responded to assisted the EMS and found an adult female in cardiac arrest. He performed CPR until EMS arrived and the person was transported to the hospital.
March 15 -
  • There was a report of a lost men’s class ring. The ring has an inscription and red stone for the year 1988. Those who have information regarding the ring or have located the item should contact the Montpelier police at 847-1324.
March 17
  • A caller reported that another vehicle ran the stop sign in Dingle and pulled out in front of a semi onto Highway 30. The vehicle was located and an officer spoke with the driver.
March 21
  • A person cashed a check at a local business on a caller’s account that had been closed for 10 or 12 years.
March 22
  • An officer began an investigation into juvenile sex offenses. The information was passed onto the detective for further investigation.
March 23
  • Burglary of a storage shed at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital was reported. The case is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 847-1324.
  • Police received a call from Union Pacific that there was a trespasser on an inbound train. The police located the trespasser on the engine at the rear of the train. He was taken into custody and booked into the Caribou County Jail.
March 26
  • While on patrol an officer observed a traffic violation. He stopped the vehicle and found the driver had been drinking alcoholic beverages. He conducted field sobriety tests and following the tests the driver was a arrested for DUI.
  • There was a report of a parole violation. The officer located the suspect hiding between two houses. The suspect tried to run, but was apprehended and arrested. The suspect was booked into the Caribou County Jail.
March 24
  • An officer was called out regarding a fight in progress. He arrived an investigated a domestic battery. He arrested on individual.
March 28 -
  • An officer and probation officer responded to a reported argument taking place between son and mother. He found the argument was about the son not wanting to go to school. The situation was resolved and the son went to school.
  • Police began an investigation into a vehicle that had been keyed while parked in a parking lot at 235 South Fourth Street. Anyone with information about the crime should call Montpelier police at 208-847-1324.