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Chief Russ Roper
534 Washington Street
Montpelier, ID 83254
Work: 208-847-4237
Fax : 208-847-1346

Mar 8, 2011


Feb 1
  • Police Chief Greg Butler received a complaint regarding a lewd phone call to a local business. The number was traced back to a pay phone. The case is under investigation.
  • An officer was dispatched regarding phone harassment between an ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend. The victim said her ex-boyfriend would not stop texting her even after she told him to stop. The officer contacted the boyfriend and explained to him that once he had been told to stop and continued texting, it became a criminal matter. None of the texts were threatening in nature. He agreed to stop texting her.
  • Police received a report of a male who was shooting the reporting party’s dog with a BB gun. The caller confronted the male and got into a fight with him. The case is being investigated. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Montpelier Police Department.
  • The victim’s advocate and a police officer took information and provided an extra patrol after receiving a call concerning a person leaving an abusive relationship.
Feb 2
  • A caller told police of a white Toyota pickup east bound on U.S. Highway 30 and a possible DUI or speeding. The caller did not want to sign a complaint.
Feb 3
  • Bear Lake High School reported an altercation between two students. The case is being investigation.
  • Paul Hess was called in regarding a found 2 year-old female red healer dog with while spots. Melissa will take care of the dog for a couple of days.
  • An officer took a complaint of a gas drive off that occurred earlier in the week. The officer spoke to the person and he went and paid the bill.
  • The city officers helped chase elk out of Woolstenhulme’s hay on the Ping Pong Road. Panels were put up the following day.
Feb 4
  • Police responded to an alarm at the Leonhardt Distributing. They found everything to be okay.
Feb 5
  • Police arrested one individual for domestic battery following a report of a domestic dispute.
  • A person reported a stray husky in the neighbor’s chickens and it had just killed one.
  • Police assisted a person who had locked their keys in their car.
Feb 6
  • An officer assisted a motor vehicle where the tow chain had come off of the car that was broken down.
  • Police were dispatched to an alarm at a local business. The building was secured and everything checked out.
Feb 7
  • Police assisted the Emergency Medical Service on a call.
  • An officer responded to an accident in the student parking lot at Bear Lake High School
  • An officer responded to a panic alarm at a local business. He found it was a false alarm.
  • A case of identity theft is being investigated.
  • A person provided information concerning a suspicious person. An attempt to locate was sent out to all officers. Extra patrols were posted for the area

as well as for the suspect.

Feb 8
  • Police responded to a parking problem where a white Ford 4/4 with a cattle trailer was blocking a business driveway. The officer made contact with the driver who moved the vehicle.
  • A person reported that they had seen a male checking doors of vehicles in the hospital parking lot. The officer responded and checked the area but did not locate the suspect.
  • Paul Hess was called to look for a lost 8-week old black and white border collie cross near Leonhardt Distributing on Ethel Street.
Feb 9
  • A caller gave information about a person where there is a warrant for arrest.
  • Montpelier Police and Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office provided escort for Rexburg PD with a funeral procession through Montpelier.
  • An officer was dispatched regarding a traffic accident at 430 Clay Street. One driver was cited for improper backing.
Feb 10
  • An officer issued a warning to a vehicle parked in the handicapped zone at Maverik.
  • Police Chief Greg Butler spoke at a high school assembly about the dangers of texting and driving.
  • Police received a report that a vehicle parked at the hospital had been rummaged. Nothing was reported to have been taken. This is the second report of someone checking cars in the hospital parking lot. Extra patrols have been scheduled and the case was sent to investigations for follow up.
  • Police assisted the EMS on a medical call.
Feb 11
  • An officer was dispatched to a residence on a possible intruder. An elderly woman thought she had heard someone in the basement. The officer checked the house and found no intruder. He checked all doors, windows and locks. They were all secured and showed no signs of entry. Extra patrols were conducted at the location.
  • Police responded to a crash at the intersection of Fourth and Washington. One driver was cited for a red light violation and the other was cited for no proof of insurance. There were no injuries.
  • Officers were dispatched to a car crash on Jefferson. The police found the vehicle had run into a light pole.
Feb 12
  • Police talked to a person who was trying to get to Kemmerer. He tried to get help but could not locate anyone to help.
  • A caller said a 7-month old female wire haired pointer, black in color was missing from the pound.
  • An officer was approached by the mother of a child who said she had told her son he could not go to a friend’s house and the dad said yes so the son left.
  • An officer assisted a state trooper at a local business.
Feb 13
  • Police responded to the hospital in reference to a dog bite victim. He took information from the victim. He was told that the dog was very well known and that it got into a fight with another dog and the person tried to break it up and had gotten bitten on the hand.
Feb 14
  • An officer assisted the Bear Lake County Ambulance Service at a residence. The individual was taken to the hospital.
  • A complaint was made that a person was receiving harassing phone calls from out of state regarding unpaid fines. The officer advised the complainant that this was an old scam and as it was occurring across state lines they could file a complaint with the attorney general’s office or file a complaint with the FTC or both. He advised the person not to answer the out-of-state calls.
  • Detective Blake Wells received information about an item that was brought to school by a student. The items were taken from the student and the student was referred to school administration for punishment.
Feb 15
  • Several officers responded to a report of someone unlawfully entering a vehicle and going through the jockey box and leaving all the items on the vehicle seat. An officer responded and took the report. Follow up on this case identified a juvenile suspect, the suspect was charged with vehicle burglary.
  • Officers found a report of gunfire as unfounded. They responded to the area and found that the sounds were fireworks being used to keep elk out of some hay stacks.
  • Chief Butler was called to the Bear Lake Middle School on a report of threats. He spoke with all the parties involved including students and parents. He resolved the situation.
  • A caller reported loud noises like someone was trying to get into a house. The officer arrived and found that the noise was a broken door swinging in the wind. He checked the area outside the residence to confirm his findings and found nothing more that was suspicious.
Feb 16
  • The chief lunched with first grade students at A.J. Winters Elementary School.
  • An officer noticed a Ford truck stopped in the middle of the road. He found the persons were talking on the phone and he told them to pull into a business parking lot.
  • An officer was dispatched to a two-car crash on Third and Clay. One vehicle ran a stop sign and the other hit that car.
Feb 17
  • A person reported that the traffic signal at Fourth and Washington was not working. The officer watched the lights through several cycles and found the lights were working. He received no other reports that there were problems with the lights.
  • A student at A.J. Winters reported that a teacher had hit him. Further investigation showed that it was a misunderstanding with the teacher and the students.
Feb 17
  • Two juveniles were found to be in possession of tobacco while on school property. Both were charged for possession of tobacco.
  • An officer assisted a woman who was locked out of her car at a business parking lot.
  • An officer took a big piece of plywood out of the road and placed it to the side of the road.
  • An officer was dispatched to an out-of-control juvenile who was hitting and slapping his mother. The officer transported the child to Bear Lake Memorial Hospital for a mental health evaluation.
  • An officer was called to check for a white van pulling a white trailer at Broulim’s parking lot. The officer found a white trailer with Colorado plates on it. There was not a vehicle attached to it. He was later called by dispatch and told to disregard.
Feb 18
  • A deer was stuck in a window well. It was hurt and could not get out. Officers responded and took care of the problem.
  • A person who was stuck in a snowbank was assisted by police to get out.
  • Police assisted Bear Lake County Sheriff’s office to look for a runaway teenager. The deputy found the girl on the south end of Bennington.
Feb 19
  • Police provided a funeral escort from north Fifth Street to the Montpelier Cemetery.
Feb 21
  • An officer was dispatched to a vehicle burglary on Moose Loop Road were two vehicles had been entered. The suspect left footprints in the snow that were followed back to his home. A suspect was was identified by way of shoe prints and was arrested. An additional vehicle burglary that had taken place a week prior was also solved.
  • A funeral escort was provided.
  • An officer was dispatched to a traffic accident at Fourth and Washington that was reported by a passing motorist. The vehicles had left prior to the arrival of the officer.
  • An officer was dispatched on a report of four teenagers who were hanging out in front of the bowling alley. The complainant said the blowing alley was closed and was concerned the kids might be up to something. The officer spoke with the kids and they were waiting for the bowling alley to open at 4 p.m.
  • A caller said a 1-ton truck was driving recklessly and had run the stoplight at Eighth Street. The vehicle was reported to be driving with its emergency flashers on. The officer located the vehicle at the hospital and determined it was an emergency.

• Police were asked to assist the county deputies in trying to locate a possible drunk driver. The vehicle was not located by either agency.

Feb 22
  • An officer was asked by students at Bear Lake Middle School to do a presentation about underage drinking.
  • The hospital called to request a ride for an ER patient back to their home in Montpelier. The officer provided transportation.
  • An officer was dispatched to a residence regarding a family member being threatened. The officer took the report, made contact with the suspect and was able to get things worked out.
  • A driving complaint in a parking lot resulted in police attempting to contact the suspect in order to warn him about his reckless driving.
  • An officer was dispatched to a residence regarding a child custody situation The officer took information and passed it on to the detective for further investigation.
Feb 23
  • A parent called and reported that two of her children had left the house sometime in the night and took their vehicle without permission. Charges were filed for curfew violations and joyriding.
  • A red Grand Am was hit while parked in Jolara Lane’s parking lot by a hit-and-run vehicle between 7 and 10 p.m. ;Feb 22. If anyone has knowledge of this crime they are asked to contact Detective Blake Wells.
  • An officer assisted a person who had been locked out of their vehicle.
  • Officer Ryan Hayes conducted a tour and merit badge clinic at the police department for a Cub Scout group.
  • Chief Butler gave a landlord, tenant presentation at Montpelier City Hall.
Feb 24
  • An officer went to Family Dollar parking lot regarding a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was present and running, but there were no occupants. While the officer was there the owners showed up. They had locked their keys in the vehicle and went home to get other keys.
  • An officer helped unlock a vehicle for an individual.
Feb 25
  • An officer was flagged over by a citizen and told of an elderly couple who were locked out of their vehicle at the senior center. The officer assisted the couple to get into their vehicle.
  • An officer was called regarding a vehicle parked in the road on Jackson Street. He talked with the owner of the vehicle and she moved the car.
  • Police were dispatched to a restaurant regarding a disturbance. It was reported that a group of customers were intoxicated and being disorderly to the point they were alarming other customers in the restaurant. ?The officer talked with them and asked them to leave the restaurant.
  • When an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation, he found on making contact with the driver that he was driving without privileges. The subject was cited and released.
Feb 26
  • Officers assisted an individual who was stuck on a street.
  • An officer was asked to check on possible multiple vehicles that might be stuck on the old stock-yard road. He responded and found that the vehicles in question had been removed.
  • Police helped get a vehicle open where there was a vehicle lockout.
  • An officer stopped a vehicle for failure to stop at a red light. He found the individual to be driving on a suspended license and issued a citation.
  • Police were dispatched regarding a run-away child who had left in the afternoon and had not returned by 6:47 p.m.. The officer checked all the open businesses and the area but could not find him. The officer placed an attempt to locate on the boy.
  • Officers noticed water coming from a vacant structure at 818 Washington Street. Further investigation revealed that the building was on fire. The fire department was called and officers Ryan Hayes and Jeff Marx assisted the fire department.
Feb 27
  • An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding and learned the driver was suspended. He cited and released the individual for the suspended license, speed and no insurance.
  • A caller reported a possible theft. When the officer spoke with the victim he learned that the incident took place in the county. The information was passed on to county deputies.
Feb 28
  • Police responded to a call regarding bad checks that were presented at a local business. There were four checks written. The case is under investigation.
  • When an officer responded to a call of a vehicle blocking a driveway, he arrived to find the vehicle gone.
  • An officer came upon a vehicle that had broken down on Fifth Street. The officer helped the driver get the vehicle running again.
  • While patrolling, an officer came across a vehicle that had gotten stuck while leaving a business parking lot. He stopped and was able to pull the vehicle out.