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Chief Russ Roper
534 Washington Street
Montpelier, ID 83254
Work: 208-847-4237
Fax : 208-847-1346

Feb 9, 2011


Montpelier Police in issuing their January Police Report showed 16 extra patrols, two VIN inspections, and eight times the department took fingerprints.

Jan 1 -
  • An officer conducted a traffic stop at 1:49 a.m. and arrested a person for driving without privileges.
Jan. 2 -
  • An officer received driving complaint, but the caller didn’t want to sign a complaint. ?Information was taken and an extra patrol was conducted or the area in question.
  • An officer assisted a Bear Lake County deputy with a warrant arrest.
Jan. 3 -
  • Police were advised that Caribou County was in pursuit of a vehicle headed toward Montpelier. Officers set up to deploy spike strips on US Highway 30 prior to the suspect getting into Montpelier. The suspect ended up going up Georgetown Canyon and getting stuck in the snow. The suspect was captured after a short foot pursuit.
  • The police chief assisted a person in getting their vehicle started.
  • In a probation violation an item was confiscated from a person whose name police withheld. Police assisted the misdemeanor probation officer in a home visit on a person who is on probation.
  • Police went to the area near milepost 445 to assist the county in removing two deer hit by a semi.
  • Police were dispatched on a domestic argument. It was determined that no crime had occurred and the parties separated for the night.
Jan. 4 -
  • Police learned of a broken window in a local business. The window was not broken all the way through. The police conducted extra patrols due to the broken window. The matter was listed under malicious injury to property and an investigation was initiated.
  • Officers responded regarding the death of an elderly female who had passed away during the night. The subject was under the care of a local doctor who said he would sign the death certificate.
  • Mandarin Cafe contacted the police regarding a bad check in the amount of $28.46. The case was sent to investigations for follow up.
  • A report was received of a student at Bear Lake High School being harassed by another student. The case was investigated.
  • An officer received a complaint of a white car overloaded with students from the high school. The car was reported to be so overloaded that it was creating a dangerous driving condition. The officer checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.
  • An officer was dispatched regarding a juvenile who was overdue coming home. ?While looking for the person, the officer was contacted and learned that the juvenile had returned home.
  • Police Chief Greg Butler gave a presentation to the Fifth Ward Young Men’s group about careers in law enforcement.
  • Officer David Hammond was dispatched to a vehicle-deer accident in Montpelier. Minor damage was sustained by the vehicle and the deer ran off.
Jan. 5 -
  • A person said some of her belongings were stolen and sold. The incident is being investigated.
  • A report came in of a vehicle that lost control and hit a parked car. The vehicle then left the scene of the accident. The suspect vehicle was located and the driver was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.
  • An officer conducted a welfare check on a person due to the fact her family could not get in contact with her.
Jan. 6 -
  • Two tickets were issued for speeding in a school zone as officers conducted radar at Bear Lake Middle School.
  • Police responded regarding theft of prescription medications. The complainant said that unknown person(s) had entered her home and had taken her prescription medications.
  • One driver was cited for failure to yield in a traffic accident at Eighth and Washington.
  • An officers assisted state police with a minor consumption case.
  • An officer assisted state police with a DUI arrest.
Jan. 7 -
  • Police Chief Greg Butler responded to a truck on fire on U.S. Highway 89. He provided traffic control while the fire was put out.
  • Police responded to a residence on an ambulance call. The person was taken to Bear Lake Memorial Hospital
  • Evidence officer April Morphew reported on narcotics, and made two reports regarding recovered property.
  • Detective Blake Wells conducted a patrol regarding juvenile alcohol enforcement.
  • An officer assisted probation for a house check and found an under age person in possession of tobacco.
Jan. 8 -
  • Officers assisted the ambulance with an emergency call involving a death.
  • An officer was dispatched to try and locate a child and have him return home. The child was located and all was well.
  • Police provided a funeral escort from the Second Ward Chapel to Montpelier Cemetery.
  • Three officers responded regarding a fight in progress. The incident was resolved.
  • An officer was dispatched to a residence for a dog barking.
Jan. 9 -
  • An officer was contacted by an individual because of their neighbor playing loud music.
  • A report was taken regarding an accident involving two vehicles. There were no injuries and damage was minor.
  • An officer responded to a disturbance call. When he arrived he found the parties involved had calmed down, and he took information.
  • A person called to report that she had seen a particular vehicle in Montpelier at a local motel. The person using the vehicle had been summoned and cited last fall for a sex offense of forcible rape. The caller sounded upset and wanted police to be aware the man was in Montpelier. She though there was an NCO on the man. The officer looked for one but didn’t find one.
Jan. 10 -
  • Police issued one citation for speeding in a school zone during a routine radar check at Bear Lake Middle School.
  • One vehicle was towed, but there were no injuries in a two vehicle crash at the intersection of Ninth and Grant in Montpelier.
  • An officer was dispatched to the area of 8th and Monroe regarding a suspicious person standing on the corner. Th officer was unable to find anyone. He continued patrolling that area during his shift.
  • Police responded to a call of unlawful entry into a residence. Nothing was taken and the resident didn’t see anyone. Continued patrol of the area was made during that shift.
Jan. 11 -
  • Marijuana was found and two persons were cited for possession as Montpelier police assisted another agency.
Jan. 13 -
  • Police were dispatched on a possible DUI. The officer located the vehicle but was not able to establish a driving pattern or traffic violation to stop the vehicle.
  • An officer was dispatched regarding an elderly female who had fallen and couldn’t get up. The officer determined that EMS was needed. EMS responded and the patient was transported to BLMH.
Jan. 14 -
  • An officer responded to a report of two loose dogs near a local business. The dog’s owners were located and they picked the dogs up.
  • An officer responded to a family dispute between father and son. He gave the individuals advise to try to fix the problem. An arrest was made.
Jan. 15 -
  • While an officer was assisting with probation checks, a probationer was found to be in possession of a controlled substance. The suspect was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.
  • A person called to report that his semi broke down. He said he would not be able to get it repaired until Monday. The semi was not blocking traffic. The driver told police where he would be staying if he needed to be contacted.
  • Police were told of a gas drive off from Maverik. The officer found that the person they though it was had not committed the crime.
  • Police were dispatched regarding a deer in the road on Webster Street. The deer was alive and then jumped up and ran off.
  • Police were dispatched to Candlewood Apartments regarding a noise complaint. He made contact with the renter and the persons there agreed to turn down the music that was causing the problem.
  • Police were notified by dispatch of a juvenile who had run away from home. The juvenile was located and returned home.
Jan. 16 -
  • Police responded to a business alarm. When the officer arrived he found all to be secure and no evidence of anything suspicious.
Jan. 17 -
  • An officer received a report complaining of a company vehicle parked in the handicapped parking spot in front of Subway. The officer requested the person move his vehicle out of the handicapped parking place and told him that the next time he would receive a citation.
Jan. 18 -
  • While responding to a report of underage consumption, police found a teenage male highly intoxicated. The juvenile was cited and parents took custody of the individual.
  • An officer responded to a dispatch of a vehicle abandoned in traffic on south Eighth Street. He found the vehicle was blocking traffic a bit, but there was still room for vehicles to get by. He tagged the vehicle for removal and was contacted and told that the vehicle had broken down and would be removed later in the day.
  • An investigation regarding a hit and run accident led to the driver being identified and a report taken.
Jan. 19 -
  • The police chief had lunch with fifth grade students at A.J. Winters Elementary.
  • An investigation was started for an adult providing alcohol to a minor. The suspect was identified and arrested.
  • Police did a welfare check on an elderly woman who lives alone. The officers were able to make contact and verify that she was okay.

• Police were dispatched on an attempt to locate a possible DUI driver. The officer located the vehicle and followed it, but was unable to develop any reasonable suspicion to pull the vehicle over.

  • Police Chief Butler was contacted by the manager of Maverik regarding a wallet found in the parking lot. ?The wallet was turned over to the chief for safekeeping while police located the out-of-state owner.
Jan. 21 -
  • An officer observed a white flatbed truck parked in handicapped zone in the Maverik parking lot. He gave the driver a verbal warning.
  • An officer was dispatched on a medical alarm at the Aspenwood Apartments. He checked the apartment and heard an elderly woman inside saying she needed help. He located a pass key and made entrance into the apartment and found the occupant in need of medical care. He requested that the EMS respond.
  • While checking downtown businesses, an officer discovered graffiti on the back of one building. The graffiti was gang related. A request was sent to the business to remove it as soon as possible.
  • Officers assisted fish and game with moose removal.
  • An officer assisted another department with a traffic stop.
  • An officer responded to a deer that was hit, but still alive on Fourth Street.
  • Dispatch sent police to Bear Lake Middle School for an alarm drop. Officers found that it was an accidental alarm trip and that there were no problems.
Jan. 23 -
  • Police were dispatched to a residence for an elderly individual who had fallen. The person was taken to the hospital.
  • An officer was dispatched to a local business for a dispute and found everything was okay.
  • Three officers responded to the report of a very intoxicated person entering a residence in Montpelier. The person was escorted off the property and issued a citation for disturbing the peace.
Jan. 24 -
  • Information was received about threats that had occurred between high school students while on the bus. The matter was forwarded for followup. The report showed an arrest.
  • A person was arrested for trespass regarding being out of control.
  • Officers made an investigation into a returned check to a local business.
  • An officer responded to a local motel regarding a person who didn’t have permission to be there. The owners wanted the person gone. The officer arrived and assisted. Controlled substances were found and the person was arrested.
Jan. 25 -
  • Paul Hess was called to Maverik to pick up a small black hound that had shown up there.
Jan. 26 -
  • Officers conducted a welfare check on a residence and found everything was okay.
  • Police assisted Idaho Fish and Game with traffic control while they were moving elk near the Ranch Hand.
  • A caller said that a horse was not being fed. It was the second time that the person called to say the horse not being fed.
  • Police conducted a welfare check on a woman whose daughter could not get a hold of her aging mother. When police arrive they found everything was okay.
Jan. 27 -
  • When a parked vehicle was hit in the high school parking lot, a witness identified the driver of the vehicle who had left the scene.
  • A report was made of a lost female schnauzer with no collar.
Jan. 28 -
  • The police chief was contacted in reference to a late report battery that had taken place Jan. 16 in the parking lot of J.J.s Chevron in Montpelier. Both the victim and suspect live out of town. Information was taken and the case was passed on to investigations.
  • Cross Country skis and poles were found in the golf course area. The person who lost them may call Montpelier police at 847-1324.
  • Police received a complaint that a person was trespassing at the Candlewood Apartments. Officers responded, located the man on the scene. He was arrested and transported to Caribou County Jail.
  • Police were asked to check on a man who was reported as having been suicidal in the past.
Jan. 29 -
  • Police conducted traffic control on Highway 30 at the site of a slide off.
  • Police investigated an accident at the parking lot of Broulim’s where the side mirror of a vehicle was cracked.
Jan. 30 -
  • Police responded to a call of someone discharging a firearm in the city limits. The officer took information from the reporting party and began an investigation.
Jan. 31 -
  • One citation was issued at the middle school for speed.
  • Police assisted EMS at the Park Motel. A 90-year old man had possibly had a stroke.
  • Police received a report of a juvenile who had not been living at his house. The case was investigated and forwarded to health and welfare.
  • Police conducted an extra patrol for a person who was going to be gone for a few days.
  • An officer assisted a health and welfare investigator.
  • Police assisted Bear Lake County in locating a student possibly walking home from Montpelier to St. Charles.