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Chief Russ Roper
534 Washington Street
Montpelier, ID 83254
Work: 208-847-4237
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Oct 27, 2009

The city is encouraging residents to keep their parked cars off the streets during the winter months so that snowplow drivers can do their job.

City code prohibits parking on the streets between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. from Nov. 1 to March 31, but cars parked on the street during the “accepted” hours also may pose a public safety hazard.

The snow doesn’t just fall between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., and the problem is, once the plow drivers have gotten into their plows and started clearing, they may not get to all the streets until later. It could be a serious issue if police, fire, or medical responders couldn’t get down the street, so with things like that, it’s very much a public safety issue.

The city is limited not only by manpower but also by the number of plows available. The plows receive so much wear and tear that, in any given storm, one or more could go out of service.

The police department is asking residents to do their part to help keep streets safe. We will start by issuing warnings but cars not moved will face additional sanctions.

Cars in violation of the current ordinance risk a fine and/or having the offending vehicle impounded. Officers can both proactively enforce the ordinance and respond to complaints from residents with unplowed streets.